For Students

Frequently Asked Questions For Students

  • Where is the clinic?
  • As a medical student, what will I do?
    • You and a partner will be responsible for all aspects of patient care. You will arrive to clinic 15 mins before it opens to familiarize yourself with our policies and procedures.
  • What other ways can I get involved in LionCare?
    • We are also involved in health education, producing health awareness presentations and patient information bulletins. Educational information regarding women's health issues and parenting skills are provided to patients both at the time of visit and through educational talks given at the shelters. If you are interested in being involved with any of these student intiatives, please contact us.
  • What should I wear and bring?
    • We expect all students to dress in a professional manner, as you will be seeing and interacting with patients and their family. Please do not wear any jeans or shorts, t-shirts, or anything inappropriate. White coats are not needed.
    • The only item you need to bring is your stethoscope and ID. 
  • What is the patient population like at LionCare?
    • The patient population at LionCare is varied, but many of our patients struggle with ailments not often seen at the hospital. There is a high incidence of drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness, addiction, STI's, and many chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes mellitus.
  • Who can volunteer?
    • All medical and physician assistant students at Penn State College of Medicine are encouraged to volunteer. We open sign ups three times a year (Fall, Spring, and Summer) with an additional wait list. We work to make sure that every student has an opportunity to volunteer.
  • Where/When to sign up?
  • Do first-year/second-year students know enough to see patients?
    • Every first-year student is paired with a second-year student and is under supervision of an attending physician. This is an opportunity for first-years to practice newly learned interviewing skills and for second-years to review. The attending physician supervises and ensures that proper patient care is provided. For more information on the student's role at the clinic, please visit our Patient Information page.
  • Are male students limited to volunteering at General Clinic and females at Women's Clinic?
    • No, students are encouraged to volunteer at both clinics regardless of gender.