Community Outreach

The LionCare Community Outreach program is committed to increasing the awareness of medical and public health issues among the local underserved population. Currently, we are working with various emergency and transitional shelters in Harrisburg to deliver educational sessions and information packages on various health topics. We value health education and disease prevention and believe that these have a significant impact on health.


We are working on increasing access to health services, and awareness of these services, for the underserved. In the past, we worked with the Department of Public Health Services and the Penn State Hershey Cancer Center to:

  • organize educational seminars
  • offer a screening session on prostate cancer.
  • provide blood pressure and cholesterol screening
  • deliver smoking cessation programs

In the future, we intend to broaden the scope of these educational seminars to include:

  • breast, ovarian, cervical, colorectal, and skin cancers
  • diabetes and hypertension.