Our Team

LionCare is a student-run organization, and new board members are installed each year, drawn primarily from the class of rising second-year medical students. The current board builds on the work of the previous board members, always striving to make LionCare a great place for patients to seek care, and an invaluable educational opportunity for medical students. 


2016 - 2017 LionCare Board


Faculty Advisor - Dr. George F. Henning, III


Chair – Annie Roshong

Vice Chair & Research Coordinator – Marian Poley

Lead Clinic Coordinator – Jeremy Silver

Physician Coordinator – Kaitlyn Shank

Medical Services Coordinator  Sarayna Schock


General Clinic Coordinators:

Belinda Ikpoh

Kayley Swope

Linh Tran


Women's Clinic Coordinators:

Marion Copeland

Ashiya Hamirani

Hallie Nelson


Physician Assistant Representatives:

Michael Bredin

David Lang


Neurology/Psychiatry Clinic Coordinators:

David Hale

Tommy Hu


Orthopedic Clinic Coordinators:

Aubree Fairfull

Thomas Trieu


Cardiology Clinic Coordinators:

Marykate Carrillo

Jacob Liechty


Patient Navigation Coordinators:

Erin Cathcart

Daniela Jaeger


Community Outreach & Public Relations Chairs:

Sanika Gadkari

Jayde Hooven


Smoking Cessation Program Coordinators:

Laura Burbach

Tara Cayton

Lynnette Lacek

Kevin Yeagle